The Truth About Couple’s Massage

Couples massages are not for every couple. For some people, it’s best to have the massage sessions one after the other and here’s why.

A couple’s massage can be a wonderfully relaxing, bonding, and enjoyable experience when both partners are able to relax, let go, and feel confident knowing their partner is in the hands of a professional, as are they.

The truth is, not every couple’s massage is the relaxing, romantic, bonding experience people expect.

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You’ve just had a massage…Now what? How to Prolong the benefits.

You’ve just had a massage and you are feeling really good. The pressure was just right, it was so relaxing, and ‘how did she know how to find just the right spots?’

Your mind tries to recreate different moments during your session. ‘It felt really good when she worked this, one spot, and I don’t know how she did it. My arm went this way, or was it this way…? I’m so glad I chose a 90-minute massage session’

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From Pennsylvania to Costa Rica ~The Relaxation Spot Enhanced!

Knowing you are doing exactly the work you are meant to do. It is a profound feeling. It’s very fulfilling.

Massage, was a calling for me. I’m thankful that my dream was realized young, and pursued right out of High School. I used to excitedly tell people. ‘I could do massage anywhere even on a tropical island. Everyone needs touch.’

A career that would give me freedom, yet, couldn’t be taken away…. A skill that was my own.

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Self Acceptance Day 2

Today’s post is a little more ‘colorful’ than I normally post. My day was mostly spent settling. I am now completely unpacked and organized in what will be my home for the next few weeks!  Although I plan on brown rice being a staple once I’d completed my unpacking I realized I was so hungry that I […]

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Dazzling Departure Day 1

Today is the beginning/continuation of a life long dream of sharing my touch with this world, spreading more smiles, sunshine and the amazing gift of Massage.   I have arrived in Costa Rica, where I will be teaching Massage to aspiring therapists during the month of May. I have had many offers to fit people in my suitcase, […]

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