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Massage in Sámara, Costa Rica

by Mark F. on The Relaxation Spot

No good vacation can be enjoyed without including a good massage -- and Cheryl ensured we had a perfect vacation! I thoroughly enjoyed my full body massage with Cheryl's capable and soothing hands. She even removed a knot in my lower back. All this while enjoying the sounds of the waves on lovely Samara Beach.

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2 Hours of Total Bliss !

Let yourself be fully bliss-out and absorb the massage.  A two hour massage provides time to integrate many different techniques into one session. This is for a full body massage at a relaxing pace. Additional focus can be on an injury or area of tension or more time to devote to neck and shoulders.

$130 USD

73,832 CRC

1.5 Hours of Awesomeness !

A therapist once described massage like being an artist the more canvas and time you give me the better the masterpiece will be. The ideal session is at least 90 minutes for a full body massage. This amount of time allows for focus on tense areas, a deeper full body massage, and work with trigger points.

$100 USD

56,794 CRC

1 Hour of Feeling Great !

A one-hour session is great for relaxing without focus on a particular problem area.  It's also good if you prefer to focus on and injury or problem areas such as neck, shoulders, or feet but then there is less time for relaxing or a full body massage.

$70 USD

39,756 CRC

A wonderful, wonderful massage in paradise, one I'll remember. If I quit my job and move my family to Samara, it's entirely Cheryl's fault. A meditative, gentle environment, and a professional, knowledgeable, talented massage therapist. My wife and I went back to back, and agree on the 5 star rating, and we've had massages st Esalen, Kripalu, Omega, and the National College of Naturopathic Medicine. Thank you, Cheryl!

Dan Fitzgerald 

The Relaxation Spot

Beachfront location in Samara

  • Indoor room with A/C
  • Outdoor covered area
  • Parking available
  • Front yard opens to the beach
  • Enjoy the sound of the ocean
  • Hammocks and sitting area
  • Indoor and outdoor showers
Hours by appointment: Daily 8am-8pm

Frente a la Playa, Calle Intercultura


Playa Samara in front of The Relaxation Spot

  • Enjoy the sound of the ocean
  • Under the palm trees
  • Use of nearby showers
  • Subject to weather
By appointment

At Your Location

Vacation Rental or Hotel

  • Convenience for you
  • Good for groups and couples
  • Good for retreats and events
  • ​Travel and setup fees apply*
By appointment

* Travel and setup fees include transport of all the necessary massage items to your location such as a table, sheets, and massage cremes

I just had my first massage from Cheryl and was completely blown away. I'd heard a number of people around town sing her praises and I finally had the opportunity to find out for myself. Needless to say, she did not disappoint! Don't let her petite frame fool you, this woman has strong hands and she knows exactly how to use them. Not only was she able to detect precisely which areas were bothering me, but she always used the perfect amount of pressure to work them out. Thank you for you healing hands. You are one of the best and I'll be back for sure!

Anita Zuzul
You’ve just had a massage…Now what? How to Prolong the benefits.
You've just had a massage and you are feeling really good. The pressure was just right, it was so relaxing, and 'how did she know how to find just the right spots?' Your mind tries to recreate different moments during your session. 'It felt really good when she worked this, one spot, and I don't know how she did it. My arm went this way, or was it this way...? I'm so glad I chose a 90-minute massage session'

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